The Bodyguard: Go See It. Seriously.

Alright, I’ll admit it: when I heard about The Bodyguard Musical I was a little skeptical. Sometimes it’s just a little too easy to turn a music-focused movie into a musical. So easy that sometimes the adaptation get a bit lazy and everyone’s left feeling like they could have just stayed at home and watched the movie in their pajamas on the couch. I was prepared for that last night as I settled into my seat, but from the first moments of the show I found myself on the edge of my seat.

Real-life Grammy award nominee Deborah Cox stars in The Bodyguard as pop star Rachel Marron and throughout the show convincingly belts out a laundry list of Whitney Houston’s most iconic songs. The show moves quickly, and I found myself disappointed when the lights came up for intermission knowing that it was already half over. By the time the curtain came down on the last scene I was wishing I could press a button and watch the whole thing again, like listening to a favorite song on a loop. Instead I queued up a Whitney playlist and sang my heart out the entire way home (and again on the way to work this morning).

Minneapolis is lucky to have The Bodyguard launch its U.S. national tour at our own Orpheum Theatre. Don’t miss out on the show’s too-short run (closing this Sunday, January 15); tickets are available here. And don’t be one of those people who runs for the exit the show ends – not only because the cast deserves acknowledgement but also because in this case you’d miss out an incredibly fun final number.


Deborah Cox stars in The Bodyguard Photo by Joan Marcus

– M


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