Holiday Hack: Experiences, Not Things

I’m not usually one to say no to a new sweater or fun kitchen gadget, but this year for the holidays I’m focusing a lot less on things and a lot more on experiences. My closet and kitchen are full enough, and I don’t think my sister needs another scarf or funny mug. Instead of exchanging gifts, this year we’ve decided to take a trip together and enjoy each other’s company. Okay, so the budget doesn’t quite equal out in this example, but I do think the concept is good.

So if the holidays are sneaking up a little too quickly for your liking, skip the mall and consider instead a shared experience you could give to your loved ones. Your dad won’t remember the tie you got him a year from now, but I bet he will remember the family night out. Look for upcoming concerts, museum exhibits or theater performances as a starting point.

For a fun and family-friendly event that sort of combines all three, Blue Man Group is a great option for a pre-Christmas outing. For those who haven’t been, a Blue Man Group show is part comedy, part concert and part live art performance. I had a blast the first time I went in high school and am excited to see the show again next weekend at the Orpheum Theatre. Even my husband (a non-theater lover), is looking forward to it, which I consider a big accomplishment.

For more information on the show (running 12/18-12/20) or to buy tickets, visit the Hennepin Theatre Trust site here. I promise your mom will enjoy the show more than she would a blender.

— M


Blue Man Group Photo credit: Lindsey Best


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