New Year, New Adventures (And New Bag To Boot)

2015 is here and with it arctic temps in Minnesota. Thankfully I have some sunshine and warm weather to look forward to. In a mere two weeks I’ll be on a beach in Florida, and likely contemplating never returning to the cold.

Somehow despite my love of the ocean this will be my first winter getaway and I couldn’t be more excited. A new swimsuit has been purchased, thoughts of exercising have been had (but not acted upon), and I’m already mentally packing.

With my first trip of the year coming up and more on the horizon, I figured it was time to finally act on buying a weekender bag. I’ve been using the same shabby carry-on for years, but have gravitated toward a weekender for quite a while. Although logistically less convenient (wheeling is always a nice alternative to carrying), I yearned for something more pleasing to the eye.

That’s how I ended up ordering this Veeshee Tuscany Weekender bag. I stumbled upon the site by accident and loved that the bag could be customized, inside and out. Pick you exterior and interior fabric, leather detailing, and add an optional monogram in a font and thread color of your choice. At $200 total after shipping it’s an affordable and chic choice.

Veeshee Tuscany Weekender

I’m looking forward to my bag arriving just in time to jet off on my first adventure of the year. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a fun one.

— Maureen


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