Sister Act: An Official A&M Review

Last night Sister Act opened in Minneapolis, drawing a big crowd, hearty laughs and general nostalgia for the 90s – style and all. You remember the movie – Whoppie Goldberg plays Delores, a wannabe singer in the boogie-filled, disco heaven that is the 70s. When she witnesses a murder committed by her boyfriend she’s placed in a loose witness protection program of sorts in a convent. With a big personality and bigger mouth, hilarity ensues as the nuns try to figure out what to make of Delores, now under the name of Sister Mary Clarence.

Sister Act the musical brings the story to the stage and features a host of new songs as Sister Mary Clarence coaches along the other nuns in choir (and if you’re looking for songs from the movie, I’m afraid you won’t find it here). The music is fun, upbeat and if the crowd near me was any indication, will create a bit of a raucous. While vocal performances were solid across the board I rarely felt blown away – though Ta’Rea Campbell who plays Delores certainly came closest. The show moves at a nice pace and with multiple storylines interwoven throughout, feels much shorter than its 2 hour, 30 minute running time.

As we welcome summer in Minneapolis, I’d highly recommend grabbing a few friends, having a few drinks on an outdoor patio and settling in for an entertaining evening with Sister Act. Get your tickets now here or risk missing out on what may be your only chance to see singing nuns in sequined habits. Sister Act runs through Sunday, June 1st at the Orpheum Theatre.

— M

The Cast of Sister Act  Photo by Joan Marcus

The Cast of Sister Act
Photo by Joan Marcus


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