Peter and the Starcatcher: An Official A & M Review

Peter Pan was always one of my favorite fairytales. Who doesn’t love a good story about flying, magic dust, good vs. evil and best yet, never growing up? Speaking of never growing up, I dressed up as Wendy for Halloween a few years ago and might I say, it was very chic.
But how did Peter Pan become the boy who never grew up? Full transparency: I had never quite asked myself that question before. I know, amateur, right? And if you hadn’t either, now you’re probably wondering too. Good news because Peter and the Starcatcher has those answers.
I attended the winner of 5 Tony Awards last night at the Orpheum theater here in Minneapolis. It’s a grownup’s prequel to Peter Pan that is full of witty, rambunctious, innovative and imaginative scenes.
The storyline follows Peter, then nameless, when he was just a boy. An orphan, he climbs aboard a ship called the Neverland and is taken on an adventure that answers just how he became the boy who, in fact, never grew up.
Based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatcher lets your own imagination take flight. The production is not elaborate in the least, but uses props that could have easily been around in the mid 1800s – rope, hats, sticks, ladders and other knickknacks. And that’s part of it’s beauty. It’s simple, and it totally engrosses you.
Bonus to feeling like a little kid again? The show is tailored to an adult’s sense of humor, so the characters are truly funny. At times absurd, but nonetheless, funny. But that’s the thing, it’s easy to tell they are having a great time on stage – and they take you along for that ride.
Join in the magic. Peter and the Starcathcher is playing at the Orpheum through Sunday, March 16th. Get your tickets here.

Second star to the right and straight on till morning,





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