What Was I Thinking?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately. Not just about my appearance, but also physically. Constantly feeling drained after work and barely staying awake on the couch past 8pm for months on end has worn me down. I’ve always considered the house cat to be my spirit animal as I love long naps in the sun and want attention on my own terms, but my level of sloth as of late has crossed the line.

In hopes of giving myself a boost in both respects, I recently made an impulse purchase on Rue La La that even I was surprised by: a 3-day Raw Generation juice cleanse. It arrived this week and tomorrow is D-Day.


I’ve been “pre-cleansing” the last 3 days to prepare myself physically and mentally, cutting out processed grains, dairy and meat (although I forgot and ate some Starbursts a few times). No wine has been consumed, which has been a painful separation. But tomorrow…tomorrow the real test begins.

18 pre-prepared juices await me. My saving grace is knowing that if I feel the need for additional sustenance I am able to eat fruits and veggies for added protein. I’ll do this if needed but will try to push myself to do the cleanse as intended. Coming out of this, my goal is to simply feel better. Perhaps the lack of processed carbs in my body for nearly a week will create a shift in my energy level – I hope it does. I’m not looking at this as a “quick fix” for anything, but do hope that it’s a step in changing habits for the better.

So it’s with that attitude that I prepare to bid solid food goodbye for three days. I’ll apologize in advance to anyone who may be unlucky enough to cross my path during this time.

— Maureen


2 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?

    • It really wasn’t bad at all! The pre-cleanse I instituted for myself 3 days prior seemed to help. I actually ended up only drinking 3 juices per day so I have enough left to do another cleanse sometime later. I didn’t feel particularly hungry (hence not drinking all of the juices), except a little bit late the last night. Overall I’m glad I did it! I’m going to continue trying to keep up with a “pre-cleanse” mentality by being more conscious about eating cleaner.

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