Mama Mia, Here We Go Again: An Official A&M Review

I’ve been listening to ABBA my entire life. Proof? Flashback to this 5th grade classroom bonus trivia question, “What 1970s band’s name is spelled the same way forwards as it is backwards?” ABBA. Full transparency that I was always that kid in the front row raising my hand, kind of like Hermione from the Harry Potter series. That must have been really annoying for my classmates, actually.

I was beyond excited to hear Mama Mia! was coming to Minneapolis. The show is one of the most popular musicals in the Broadway scene, and for good reason. It draws such a beautiful inspiration from ABBA’s greatest hits like SOS, Super Trouper and The Winner Takes It All. And you certainly don’t need to have had their vinyl record to enjoy any of it, the music captures the hearts of all ages.

The show’s storyline follows an independent free spirit and bride-to-be named Sophie as she embarks on a journey to find her possible father. She invites three potential contenders, that she discovers from her mother’s diary, to her own wedding. All in hopes of finding which man should walk her down the aisle. And many just may discover the course of true love. ❤

Oh, and the costumes? Not to mention that those are second to none. Once you make the decision to attend Mama Mia!, you are going to see some of the most vibrant, sequined, fabulous outfits out there. They’re absolutely brilliant. But my mother always does joke that I am her flower child, so perhaps I am biased. I would give anything to be a child of that era. Bell bottoms? Bring them on.

Mama Mia! is playing at the Orpheum Theatre now through February 23rd. Get your tickets here!

Forever Fan,




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