Dream On: My Christmas List

Two people are splitting the Mega Millions jackpot of $648 million this week – Merry fricken’ Christmas to them! Matt and I often daydream about all of the crazy cool amazing things we would do if we had millions of dollars lying around. At the top of my list would be to own an island. Because anybody who’s anybody has their own island, obviously.

I like to do something similar with my Christmas list sometimes, sending my family links to items that I’d love to have but know no one will ever buy. Yesterday it was this Chloe bag from Rue La La (I’ve had my eye on a Marcie bag for years).


Today I asked for this amazing Alexander McQueen scarf.


Like many staples, I’ve found it difficult to find the perfect leopard print scarf, though I desperately want to add one to my wardrobe. This is by far my favorite of any I’ve seen, so it’s no surprise that it costs as much as a car payment.

Since I want to actually be helpful (and possibly receive some gifts that I’ll truly love), I also made sure to include some more realistic (though no less beautiful) items on my list.


Cashmere infinity scarf from Restoration Hardware


Sorel for J.Crew Joan of Arctic boots


Lodge moccasins from J.Crew


Pear necklace from J.Crew


Resin arrowhead earrings from J.Crew

Apparently I’m really digging J.Crew lately. I appear to also have amazing taste because every single one of these items from J.Crew is now sold out. Maybe my family managed to snag the last of each one…

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season to you, and I hope you all get what you’re wishing for this year!

— Maureen


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