Oh. My. Prada.

While doing research for my upcoming trip to Italy (one month from today!), I stumbled upon what is quickly becoming my all-time favorite blog, Aspiring Kennedy. Lauren is a world-traveling, food-loving, shopping pro whose life I very much wish I could emulate (now how do I convince Matt to go to graduate school at Oxford University so we can move to England…?).

In exploring her posts about all things Italian travel I found this post with directions to find the Prada outlet in the Tuscan region.

Prada Outlet: Photo by Aspiring Kennedy

Prada Outlet: Photo by Aspiring Kennedy

After staring in disbelief for a while and wiping away a joyful tear, I came out of my haze to remember that I won’t be anywhere near Montevarchi – if we even had a rental car (we won’t), it would be a 45-minute drive which I know with certainty Matt would not agree to (he’s smarter than that).

And so as quickly as this dream I didn’t even know I had became a glimmering possibility, it was abruptly ripped out of my reach. Sure, I could probably finagle a way to get there (maybe a few hours of riding the bus perhaps), but any money I’d save on a gorgeous Prada purse or shoes wouldn’t be worth it. I hear divorces are quite expensive.

— Maureen


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