Le Sigh, Les Miserables: Official A & M Review

We’ve said it once, and God bless the freedom of speech, we’ll say it again. We wish reviewing shows was our full-time job, especially when it involves something as fantastique as attending the opening night of Les Miserables.
Ah, the timeless story of Les Miserables. It captures the tenacity of the human spirit, packed with raw emotion – love, loss, strife & pure grit. Set during the French Revolution, “Les Miz” follows an ex-prisoner named Jean Valjean during his journey from convicted felon to successful businessman. Never to rest, Valjean is hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert. Along the way we are introduced to & fall in love with other key players – Fantine, Cosette, Eponine & Marius.
But it’s not only the storyline that makes Les Miz a must see, the musical numbers are arguably the most attractive part of the show. Honestly – they are without equal. The arrangements are genius, lulling you into a parallel world as the vocals completely sweep you away. ‘I Dreamed A Dream,’ one of the most popular of the ballads (and a personal A & M favorite), had us mesmerized. The feeling is hard to describe, but it’s comparable to how we felt when we were children on Christmas morning. Completely wide-eyed, in-awe & never wanting the moment to end. 
We simply can’t get enough, but we’re not the only ones. The production of Les Miserables is already in its 25th year of success, because for being such a veteran to the Broadway world, you can sure bet there still was not an empty seat in the house. And the excitement attracted attendees of all ages. My Poppy (kid speak for Grandfather), also sat in the audience for his first taste of Les Miserables during his 93-years-of-life. Elation.
Like many of you enthusiasts, Maureen & I frequently rate our top 3 favorite shows. We keep the rankings updated, always giving newcomers a chance to make “the list.” But always number 1? You guessed it. It’s not even fair, really. 
Les Miserables is at the Orpheum in Minneapolis through this Sunday, August 4th. Get your tickets here.



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