The Final (72-Day) Countdown

My husband Matt and I got married when we were practically still in diapers.


Amirite? Infants.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we said “I do” 2 weeks after graduating from college and flew off to enjoy a lazy honeymoon in Mexico. I told him then that in 5 years we would celebrate our 5th anniversary by going to Italy – something I had been yearning to do for a honeymoon but was far more expensive and sounded far less relaxing than sitting on a beach with drink in hand.


Not too shabby.

Somehow that was 5 years ago, and this October we’re headed to Italy! To say I’m excited is putting it mildly. Our 2-week itinerary includes 3-4 nights each in 4 cities.


Of course, I’ve been mentally building a packing list since pretty much the second our tickets were booked. Traveling from north to south in early-to-mid October, we’re looking at a fairly consistent range for low/high average temps of 55-75 or so. The curveball here is precipitation, as Italy gets rain 12-15 days out of the month during October.

I am not a happy camper when it rains. Probably my biggest pet peeve is having wet shoes/socks/feet. And packing rain boots? I don’t event want to talk about it.

On top of that, since we’ll be doing all of our traveling between cities on trains, the key is to pack as lightly as possible and not bring luggage that you can’t lift over your head easily and quickly. My goal: 14 days in a 21″ carryon. With a temperature swing of 20 degrees plus a very real threat of rain, I consider this one of the bigger challenges I’ve ever faced.

When I told this to Matt, he suggested I’ve been a bit sheltered during my lifetime. He might have a point.

— Maureen


2 thoughts on “The Final (72-Day) Countdown

  1. I loooooove Italy! I’d really be interested in reading what you packed in your carryon, what worked, and what you wish you would have brought. I’m a big traveler, but sometimes not the best packer, so I’m always looking for tips! Have fun on your 5th anniversary!

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