Fashion Is Cyclical, Believe In Yourself, And If You Don’t Want To Wear Pants Just Put On Leg Warmers (Or Lessons We Learned From “Flashdance The Musical”)

Last night we had the honor of attending opening night of Flashdance The Musical at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. If you’re asking yourself whether this is the same Flashdance that was an 80s sensation, maybe this will answer your question.  

Photo credit: Kyle Froman

Photo credit: Kyle Froman

(That means yes, this is the musical adaptation of the 1983 blockbuster hit starring Jennifer Beals).

The story follows Alex Owens, a welder by day and club dancer by night. A hardworking, headstrong and talented woman, she fantasizes about becoming a professional dancer but doesn’t believe she can truly realize this dream. Throw in a developing love interest who also happens to be her boss and you’ve got yourself a classic chick flick-turned-musical.

The plot is what it is, and the music doesn’t blow you away the same way the choreography does. Spanning from ballet to hip-hop to strip club, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the tremendous amount of talent on a single stage (and also a bit jealous of all the toned butts and thighs in skimpy outfits).

Probably our favorite part of the show was the featured breakdancer in the cast:

Photo Credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust

Photo Credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust

The costumes were a treat and truly transports you back to the 80s with its jean jackets, neons, and patterned tights. The funny thing is how many elements from the costumes have reappeared as current trends. It’s definitely true what they say about fashion being circular – if it’s been “in” before, it’s almost certain it will be again – good news for the hoarders of the world.

Even so, we couldn’t get on board with the girl farthest to the right in this picture with her double pony and scrunchies. Scrunchies should never come back. Ever. They are the sweatpants of hair accessories, acceptable only in a certain time/space (read: on your couch).

Photo credit: Kyle Froman

Photo credit: Kyle Froman

In the end, Flashdance is a feel-good show that reminds us that dreams are always worth chasing, and they may not be as out of reach as we think. As Alex sings, “It’s better to leap and fall than never leap at all.”

You’ll have to act fast if you want to catch Flashdance while it’s in Minneapolis as the final performance is this Sunday, April 7 at 6:30p. For additional information and to buy tickets, visit: 

— A&M


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