Oui, Oui – Très Chic Name Necklace

I sported my first name necklace at the ripe age of three-years-old. While most kids were including stars, hearts & swirls on their designs – I was spelling out my full name. Perhaps my parents thought I was a genius, or simply a fashionista on the rise (I’m fine with either). The end result looked a lot like this:
I never claimed to be an artist.
23 years later, I still chic my name out at any opportunity. The ironic part is, I’m not even that wild about it (I wish it was more romantic & much more French). But I still love the idea of personalization – of being able to make something completely customizable to you. I was recently an attendee at a favorite things party a friend hosted. The concept is for every guest to bring 6 items of their favorite thing. From there, you draw names & exchange gifts. The kicker is that your gift has to be on or around $5. I know, right? What a challenge.
Unfortunately, the $5 ceiling eliminated my chances of being able to Oprah everyone in the room by telling them to look under their chair for my true favorite thing – a name necklace. I’m talking about my very own “YOU get a name necklace, and YOU get a name necklace” moment. How wonderful would that be? Luckily, that $5 limit was lifted as soon as the party was over. And I still have Christmas shopping left to do. This year, I’m loving Best Personalized Jewelry‘s collection.
My favorite piece is their 18K Rose Gold plated Carrie name necklace (ala Sex & The City). In fact, I thought it was so lovely that I requested one of my own. I couldn’t be happier with it and can’t wait to wear it this holiday season. For those of you still looking for the perfect gift, Best Personalized Jewelry  is offering a limited-time 20% discount on all items. Simply enter the coupon code “gift20″ and you’re set. Not to mention, you can sleep easy knowing you purchased one of the chicest gifts under the tree (without breaking the bank & free shipping – huzzah)! Example A:
Happy Holidays!
XO, Ashley

One thought on “Oui, Oui – Très Chic Name Necklace

  1. I love my name necklace! Personally I went for sterling. Gold is not in the budget and gold plated may look nice when new but it will wear off over time.

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