Truth Or Dare: Shopping On A Budget

In the November issue of People StyleWatch, there’s a great little section called “20 Best Tips For Shopping.” Filled with lots of great ideas and reminders, we were totally tracking until we got to #16: Remember the 4% rule. “That’s your yearly wardrobe budget: 4% (or less!) or what you take home. Know it and stick to it.”

Wait…4%? That must be a typo, right? Is that supposed to say 14%?

So we’re asking you: truth or dare?

Truth: Would you say you spend more or less than 4% of your net pay per year on your wardrobe? Do you think this is a reasonable benchmark? Too high or low?

Dare: Establish the budget level you’re comfortable with for 2013 and as a New Year’s resolution track wardrobe-related spend for the year to see whether you end up in the black or red.

Personally, we look good in both.

– A & M


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