Stock-Piling For Winter

The fall season in Minnesota is glorious; crisp air, perfect fall colors, crunchy leaves – these are the things we look forward to when it’s 95 degrees with 80% humidity during the summer. As the temperature drops, we happily pull out our chunky sweaters and riding boots for another wonderful and relatively short fall.

Soon, plummeting temps will send the majority of the population (us included) indoors for the next 6 months. But before that happens, we’re sure to stock up on winter essentials.

I headed to H&M last week to do just that. If you’ll recall, last year I told you about the best $25 sweater ever. It’s one that I own in 4 colors (black, light grey, dark grey, and light pink), and this season I’ve added cream, a bright orangey-red, and forest green to my collection. In case you’re thinking this is overkill, I can tell you right now that you’re wrong. I live in these sweaters throughout fall and winter and if you buy one, I know you will as well.

H&M has a number of very similar styles with slightly different materials, designs, and fit. The orange/red and green sweaters are of the same variety and currently buy one get one, which means each one ends up being $12.50 – I know, amazing, right?

A similar style in waffle knit is extra-cozy. I didn’t see this one in the store but may make it a point to go back and search for it ($34.95):

I also love this pattern-knit version ($34.95). Sadly, I didn’t see this one until I was walking out of the store with an extra-large sized bag filled to the rim. Now that I know it’s there, it won’t get away from me next time.

Before you get too concerned, rest assured that I did buy items of other styles, like this sweater ($29.95):

Another admitted obsession of mine is coats. I mean, when temps are below freezing nearly half of the year, the best thing to do is embrace coats. That said, I was hooked the minute I saw this beauty ($59.95):

As always, one of my favorite parts about shopping at H&M is the value. A coat and 8 sweaters later, I was only $250 worse for wear. And that’s a beautiful thing.

— Maureen


2 thoughts on “Stock-Piling For Winter

  1. I have several of the top sweater from this year as well as some from last year. I live in San Francisco and except for a few warm days throughout the year, I wear them year around. They are of a great quality and last forever.

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