Mall Madness!

I’ve said it before: as much as I love the conveniences of online shopping, sometimes getting my butt to the mall and shopping until I’m exhausted from being loaded down with bags is just what I need. Last weekend was no exception, and this time hitting the old brick-and-mortar totally paid off.
While browsing through J.Crew, my friend Joela pointed out a bag that she’s had her eye on for a while which is now on sale. Unfortunately for her, the emerald green version she’s been lusting over wasn’t available. Luckily for me, they had it in red (which I love). After making sure Joela wouldn’t mind (of course she didn’t), I bought it and made out like a bandit.
With a structured, lady-like silhouette, it’s perfect with everything from jeans and a slouchy sweater to a girlie floral dress.
Still full price online for $238, it was on sale in the store for $129 with an additional 30% off. Which means I saved over 60% just because I happened to encounter the purse in person. Of course, prices will likely follow suit online soon enough, but I’m not one to wait.
— Maureen

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