I Left My Heart In Maine.

Hello, lovesthat readers! Pardon our absence, as we’ve had a busy summer so far! On the heels of Ashley’s vacation to New Jersey a few weeks ago, I myself just returned from a little East Coast vacation. As I previously mentioned, I was pretty excited to get back to NYC to do some shopping, see some shows – you know, the usual. This time however, I took a detour out of the city for the beginning of my trip and headed north for a few days.

I’d never been to Maine before, but now that I have I can tell you that I’ll be back. Completely different from the city, the pace of life is a little slower there and you’re forced to take a step back to take it all in.

Here are a couple highlights (cue slide show):

Gorgeous, picturesque Nubble Lighthouse in Ogunquit

York Beach, where my romper was perfect for the sweltering heat wave we encountered. As a side note, this picture is a good example of how a belt could vastly improve an outfit. Of course, when it’s ridiculously hot the last thing you want to do is wear a tight belt.

What, you couldn’t have possibly thought I’d leave Maine without a souvenir? In a cute little shop in the Perkins Cove area, my sister pointed out this gorgeous necklace which I simply could not resist (14k gold, green amethyst and diamond pendant from The Whistling Oyster).

Needless to say, since this was purchase was made on day 2  my shopping budget for the rest of the trip became a bit stunted.

Don’t worry though, I ended up doing a teeny tiny bit of shopping in NY which included the purchase of a bright red blazer at Zara (where else?) and a lemon yellow cardi at Mango which I couldn’t resist.

Zara Jogging Blazer: $79.90

Mango basic round neck cardigan: $29.99

And while I didn’t buy anything there, we did make it into C Wonder, where my sister and friend Shannon both bought some fun accessories. Did the designs feel similar to Tory Burch’s line? Well, yes. At the same time, it was also very reminiscent to me of Kate Spade in both styling and price point (although still much less expensive). If you get a chance, I’d recommend checking it out.

— Maureen


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