Cardi-holic Pt. 2

I recently fessed up to my slight obsession with cardigans, so being somewhat of a cardi-connoisseur, here is my advice to all of you: if you find a basic, go-with-everything cardi that fits well and is of nice quality, buy it. And buy every color available you will ever want to wear. Just like the perfect T, you can never have too many and you know you’ll always need it.

That’s why when I was at JC Penny last night with my mother in law and caught sight of the cardigans in the MNG by Mango line I bought 3 (in white, black, and navy). The most basic of basics, they were no-fail finds. Regularly priced at $30 each, they’re on sale for $22 a piece during the month of May (a happy surprise I encountered at the register).

If you’re looking for a more exciting colors, they also carry this pretty fuchsia and a bright aquamarine option.

A synthetic blend, these cardis have the soft feel of cotton and a nice weight that works throughout the year. The classic styling is just right and the cut is slim, making it perfect to wear open or buttoned without looking baggy.
Although I haven’t had these long enough to fully vouch for them yet, I’m fairly certain they’ll receive my stamp of approval. A few years ago I bought 2 cardigans at Mango in NYC and have practically worn them to pieces. Every time I go back I look for more of them but they haven’t repeated the style since. Which brings me back to my first point: when you find a winner, it’s okay to hoard.
— Maureen

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