Shopping Confession: With A Bow On It.

Am I on a roll this week or what?

Last weekend I had to run to the mall to get some office supplies for work. I decided since I was already right there I may as well pop in to J. Crew.

Long story short, thanks to some fantastic customer service these arrived today:

Yes, the J. Crew Lula Bow Ballet Flats in Pearl I had been coveting are now in my possession (with free shipping because the store ordered them for me).

I love the styling, but it’s important to note that these flats only come in full sizes. I’m usually wear a 7.5 but ordered down to a 7 in these knowing that they’ll stretch because they’re leather. Which means for now, they’re not the most comfortable. But with a little perseverance (and a few band aids), these babies will be perfect by the time my trip to New York rolls around.

— Maureen

P.S. Oh, I also bought a bracelet while I was at J. Crew. Isn’t it pretty?


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