A Warning Tale For Willow Smith

First, she can no longer whip her hair back and forth. Now she dyes her, uh, hair, bright neon yellow? We first stumbled across this beauty of a picture a few days ago, and quite honestly, are still recovering. What is with tweens these days? If you recall our Leap Day post, we mention you should proceed with caution with neons, not dunk you’re head in the dye. We applaud her for being courageous, but be courageous leopard pants or an interesting jumpsuit, not by dying your hair an eccentric color of the rainbow.

We don’t mean to sound harsh. Believe us, one day she’ll look back and say the same thing. We speak from experience. You won’t find one picture of us from ages 12-14 anywhere. ANYWHERE.

Be careful Willow, or you’ll end up like this:

Isn’t there something just a little bit sad about that? We think so. And not just because of the hideous bangs.


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