Shopping Confession: A Sure Bet

Anyone in Vegas will tell you when you’re on a heater, you never walk away. And the great thing about shopping is you never lose. You put your money down and come away with something every time. So although I had already done some damage last week at Primp and then again on, it didn’t stop me from heading to the MOA last Saturday. I had a feeling I was going to score big.

I was doing pretty well sticking to shopping sales and filling in holes in my wardrobe, picking up a couple pairs of flare jeans (one in a lighter wash, one dark), a basic black flowy racerback tank, and a cozy oatmeal and cream striped sweater.

And then I walked into Nordstrom, where this happened:


— Maureen


One thought on “Shopping Confession: A Sure Bet

  1. LOVE your Chanel flats. Isn’t it exciting walking into a Nordstroms and seeing that “must have” pair of flats? Same thing happens to me every time I go into a Tory Burch boutique.

    Old post but great post, thanks for sharing.

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