In Honor Of Leap Day

We think everyone should establish at least one fashion leap they’d like to take this year. It’s like a New Year’s resolution, but for Leap Day.

If you’re someone who gets stuck in a rut with their wardrobe, it’s the perfect opportunity to try to work in something new. And if you’re the Nicki Manaj of your friends already? Now’s the time to bring out the big guns.

We often joke about how we wear dresses and cardigans so often, we don’t even know how to go about buying a shirt. As silly as it sounds, it’s kind of true. We have a problem.

So here’s our list of fashion leaps we’re going to take this season:

  1. Incorporate more shirt-based outfits into our wardrobes. It’s becoming necessary.
  2. Embrace neons. This one can be a little tricky, especially for daytime and the workplace. Luckily, in advertising as long as you’re clothed and coherent you’re typically fine. But proceed with caution. Don’t blame us if you end up looking like you stepped out of a bad ’80s movie.
  3. Wear heels more often. Flats are just so convenient, but there’s something about being in heels that makes us feel like we can take on the world.

That’s it! We’ve found that it’s often best not to establish too many goals for oneself at one time because (let’s face it) then it’s more difficult to successfully complete all of said goals.



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