Versace For H&M

From what we hear, the Versace Cruise collection for H&M sold like hot cakes. The online only line went live this morning and nearly everything was gone within seconds! Okay, we exaggerate, but come early this afternoon the only finds left were a lowly few tops and some ballet flats. Had we had the chance, we would have been all-over this sale. Unfortunately for us, H&M does not yet have an e-commerce station setup for the United States. And while this is a devastating blow to our favorite past time, it certainly doesn’t lessen our interest on how it all went down.  

First off, the sheer frenzy of excitement around Versace Cruise crashed H&M’s site within a few hours. Inventory that had been in virtual shopping carts was reneged – obviously leaving a few not-so-happy campers. But the luck has not run dry for them nor us because the most coveted pieces are now available on eBay! A dress that may have gone for $99 can now be yours for a measly $400. And that’s only an incremental ask of 304%. Direct translation: getting away with murder.

We like what Versace is doing by pairing with H&M’s ‘affordable quality’ name and making their inventory attainable for the masses. We think Nicki Minaj put it best when she said, “This is Donatella’s moment. This is Versace’s moment.” And whether or not we are bold enough to wear all of these designs, we whole-heartedly agree. If you have a chance, take a peek at the lookbook here. We love you don’t even need to see the name to automatically know that these are a direct descendant of the iconic Versace name.



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