Found: Classy-Yet-Stylish Work Bag

In a previous post, I complained that no matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to find a decent-looking carryall for work. Well I’m happy to let you know that I ended up getting a bag for Christmas from my husband, which has worked out beautifully. It’s Fossil’s Vintage Re-Issue Weekender in brown (the bag also comes in a number of other colors, as well as a larger size).

It doesn’t fulfill all of the criteria I previously had (it’s not a satchel and doesn’t have a shoulder strap), but it’s the perfect size to fit my laptop, notebook, and all of the essentials I’d typically carry in my purse. The top handles are also really nice because the drop is long enough that I can carry it on my shoulder, negating the need for a longer strap (which, let’s face it – typically ends up being unusable unless you have shoulders of steel).

The only downside is that other than a generously-sized zippered pocket and two smaller inside pockets, there is no divider, making it difficult to keep items organized. I’m not complaining though, because it gives me an excuse to shop for a cute laptop sleeve to project my computer from getting scratched up by other items in my bag.

— Maureen


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