Borderline Obsession: LC Lauren Conrad For Kohl’s

We’ve mentioned before our love for Lauren Conrad. And honestly, we can’t get enough of her LC Lauren Conrad line for Kohl’s. We’ve been watching this collection for years and let us tell you – this girl brings it. All of the pieces she has put together are incredibly chic or just plain adorable. Not to mention, they come at quite the affordable price compared to her Paper Crown line (also love, by the way). What really stands out to us is how it manages to incorporate Lauren’s laid-back California style with a hint of a contemporary vibe. The collection is filled with essentials from chiffon skirts to jeans and t-shirts to animal print ballet flats. But why stop there – she’s also expanded into the accessory world with sunglasses, earrings and headbands.

If we had to choose (please don’t make us), we would tend to gravitate towards her dresses. Purely because we are extra keen on the uber-feminine cuts and fabrics. On the flip side, we appreciate how Lauren has extended past her girly, floral tendencies and brought in items such a leather jacket. Which, by the way, goes great with a floral dress.  Watch out world.

We especially love how the line has not become diluted over the years, with her name merely pinned to the care instructions. From what we read, she’s incredibly involved in the evolution of the pieces, which is just plain refreshing. Too often you hear that yet another celebrity is making their own perfume or clothing collection. And while we can’t blame them from a dollars and cents perspective, it tends to get a little nauseating.

Below are a few of our favorite looks. We recommend checking out the Kohl’s site as well as trekking yourself over to the store. They tend to carry different items, so don’t miss out.

-A & M


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