Jason Wu For Target: We Are Woo’d

31 days and counting. Until what you ask? In case you haven’t heard, Target is partnering with yet another big name designer. This time it’s First Lady favorite Jason Wu.

J.Wu is known for his ultra-feminine, sophisticated and ever classic designs. He’s a definite crowd favorite and we couldn’t be happier about this choice in partnership. Wu is bound to deliver some covetable pieces. Of course, this isn’t anything our favorite Target friends don’t already know. They are clearly no rookie to this game after the extreme success of the Missoni for Target collection. And in our opinion, this is a refreshing and much needed change from the electric feel of the Missoni line.

The Wu collection hits stores on February 5th. For you gambling types out there, this means you’ll need to get in line no later than February 2nd in order to have any shot in seeing any of this collection hanging in your closet. We kid, but seriously, we probably aren’t far off base if it’s anything like how the whole Missoni launch went down for us (like a ton of bricks).

In the meantime, take a look at these adorable sneak peeks! We j’adore.


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