The Holiday

Happy belated Christmas! What a holiday break. As if 2011 wasn’t one of my favorite years already, it became that much better merely a few days ago. And just in time to take 2012 by storm.

Yes, mama & papa Santa heard my (not so) subtle hints for a pair of Melissa Button Frye boots. In black. Size 7. And, you know, leather care products would be nice too. Upkeep is half the battle.

I must have been just overt enough in my wishes because wrapped under the glow of the Christmas tree in a pink bow were my new kicks. Pretty as a picture. They were hardly out of the box before I was clicking my heels with glee.

And I can’t wait to prance into the new year wearing these. A year that will be full of laughter and tears, good times & bad. A brand new beginning that will one day be filled with those moments you can never get back, as much as you wish you could.

I hope these upcoming moments for you are the good kind. The kind that you look back on and ache for because life was so perfect at that very moment. That you knew you were right where you were supposed to be at that exact point in time. Because those are the moments I am the happiest: when I look around and see my best friends laughing with and at one another, the birthday parties we throw for each one of us even though we are no longer five-years-old, the late night pranks we play because secretly we are five, the pub crawls (and crawling home), the falling down and the picking each other back up- both literally and figuratively. And mostly, all of the little day-to-day nothing’s in between. Because those little moments grow into something bigger.

Live your life this new year. And really live, because each of those little moments will be another tick in your life that you’ll never get back.

So, cheers to 2012 (and my new boots)!




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