Maureen’s 2012 Outlook: Live Simply And With Intention.

It’s that time when we all make resolutions for the coming year, most of which we know will be short-lived. With the best intentions, we tell ourselves next year we’ll be different – better. Well lovesthat readers, I say let’s not be cynical. Let’s believe we can make a change next year, whether it be in ourselves or in the world.

For 2012, I’ve set a lofty goal for myself, which is to follow the teachings of the boutique chalkboard.

It’s really about living with purpose and intention; taking in the world around you and being sure to also give back. For such simple concepts, in the business of everyday life these principles of purity are often forgotten.

I’m also challenging myself to have more self control and to say “no” to myself more often. Rather than think “why not?” when considering a purchase, I’d like to start asking “why do I want it?” and “do I really need it?”

It’s not about putting a ban on buying, but rather taking a more thoughtful approach to shopping. Hopefully it’s a strategy that will prevent me from having a closet half-full of things purchased on a whim and worn only once.

To keep me accountable, I’ll post all of my clothing and accessory purchases on lovesthat (until I get bored or too lazy to continue, at which point I’ll let you know).

— Maureen


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