Could You…Not Do That Please?

While out for our “Treat Yo’ Self” day last weekend (more on that later), we saw this fashion incident.

Our goal here is not to demoralize this poor bloke, but rather learn from his mistakes. We get that it’s an incredibly warm December here in Minnesota. But in no way does that justify sporting shorts, socks, sandals, a tee and no coat.

And we see this happening too frequently. In fact, this is our suspect’s second offense that we’ve seen just this week (we want to step in so badly!).

Sandals are never okay in winter nor should they ever, even in the most dire of circumstances, be worn with socks. If you must, save it for the state fair.

While we are on the subject, can we agree that flip flops should see their last day come September? Post ‘Treat Yo’ Self” pedicure, we were forced to step into the streets with throw-away flops while our nails dried. We were mortified (the pedicurist was not impressed with our choice to wear heels). But the worst part was the lack of strange looks we received in those paper-like flip flops. It is winter, no?

Case in point. Please don’t do it.



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