Shoes Really CAN Change Someone’s World: Soles4Souls

We think this is so amazing. Take a second and give it a read.

Project Soles4Souls’ mission is simple – they collect shoes for people in need, catering to those left devastated by the massive tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean back in 2004.  That very tsunami is estimated to have released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. Think about that for a second.

And the people of those countries still need relief. In places such as Haiti, children are making  shoes out of plastic soda bottles to attend school because if they don’t have the proper foot attire they most likely won’t be allowed to attend class. Other kids have to share with their siblings, which means they can only attend school on their day to wear the shoes.  To think that a child may have to go without an education because of something as simple as a shoe – is mind boggling. And even more heartbreaking. 

Today we thank these inspirational charities.  

Soles4Souls is making a difference. To date, they have collected over 16,000,000 pairs of shoes (six. teen. mill. ion!). For more information & to see where you can donate, please visit: 

….it’s things like this that make you take a step back & realize how truly fortunate you are.  How even in the worst of days, things aren’t that bad. That you’re pretty darn lucky. So there is no better time to give back than today. If you have shoes you simply don’t wear, don’t fit or you suddenly realize you never really liked in the first place – don’t just let them sit there. Because there is a child who would give anything to walk a mile in your shoes.


Ashley and Maureen


2 thoughts on “Shoes Really CAN Change Someone’s World: Soles4Souls

    • Hi Rebecca,

      It’s us who should be thanking you. What an amazing organization. We are heeding our own advice & can’t wait to contribute. We’ll capture it all in a follow-up post. 🙂

      Happy holidays!

      A & M

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