All I Want For Christmas Is A Pour la Victoire Handbag.

Well, it’s gotten to be that time where it’s officially socially acceptable to get excited for Christmas. Naturally, I’m starting to make my own wish-list (as well as think about what to get others, of course).

A couple weeks ago at work I received a little booklet in the mail from Nordstrom filled with all of the glorious things I know I won’t be receiving this year. As I flipped through the thick, glossy pages of Fendi, Gucci, YSL, Chloé, and all of their fabulous friends, I allowed myself to dream a little knowing that it was all a fantasy. And then as I neared the end of my daydreaming, but what to my wondering eyes would appear but the most perfect Pour la Victoire hobo.

“It’s only $400!” I thought to myself. Now remember, my sense of value was skewed having just been pouring over the rest of the catalog containing shoes, watches and handbags all upwards of $1,000.

That night when I get home, I noticed the same catalog was in my mailbox. It was a sign.

S0 for Christmas this year, I know what will be at the top of my list. It’s unfortunate that my family set a $150 limit per person for gifts this year, but I see this as an opportunity to utilize some creative accounting.

— Maureen


3 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is A Pour la Victoire Handbag.

  1. I was browsing in Nordstrom today and saw the Pour La Victoire Lauren Hobo in bordeaux. This bag with a Kate Spade wallet in african violet will be absolutely perfect!

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