Another Winter, Another Jacket

It happens to the best of us. Winter arrives, you break out that cute new winter jacket you just spent more than you know you should have on it (but it’s justified because you practically live in it this time of year) and you’re on your way.

The first month is a blast. You & your jacket go everywhere together. Every. Where. For a while it’s fine, this jacket does go with everything after all. But then it starts to become too much. Come months two and three, things are really starting to wear you down. This winter conspiracy outside your window suddenly forces you to bundle up to go anywhere, or else risk a premature death. Chunks of hail are flying at you at tornado speeds every other day & you can’t remember what it was like to gracefully walk anywhere without falling down.

And through it all, you wore that stupid coat. Once the warmer months decide to finally show their face, you are more than happy to ditch the fleece, wool, fur and puff (it made you feel like a penguin anyways).

But you loved that jacket, didn’t you? Suddenly, your memory is cloudy- overshadowed by the visions of winter storm warnings & falling down on that icy sidewalk (twice in a row) as your friends laugh. And all too soon, the warm months pass and you find yourself opening up that coat closet once again. Cycle: begin.

The moral of this post is that I find myself buying new winterization pieces far too often. I have those that have stuck with me through the years, but I definitely have an inclination to get trigger happy on said items.

This year, my baby blue’s set sight on this gem from Anthropologie:







It’s nice, no? I think so too! Which is why I couldn’t resist. I urge you to do the same. As we like to say, “Treat yo’ self!”



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