Ellen’s In A Bieber Video!

An Ellen video on lovesthat? I realize this is probably not what most of you were expecting to see when coming here today, but I have to share something that has had me laughing for weeks. WEEKS. So there’s your spoiler alert: this may be old news to some of you. Oh and it also features Justin Bieber (don’t leave, don’t leave!).

Anyways. J.Bieb’s Christmas video for his new song Mistletoe is out.  And no, I do not have ‘the fever’ (although I was feeling slightly warm today, but I digress). The video is exactly what you expect it to be. Life, love, awkward moments and then suddenly, heartbreak. And sigh, only to have the cycle start over again with the next music video. But hold up because our girl Ellen has come forward with her own ha-larious take of how the scene should have really gone down. Take a look at this short snippet for a long laugh.

Should you need reference, here is the original music vid.

And we couldn’t agree with Ellen more- Justin, pull up your pants!



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