Uh…This Is Awkward.

So in Tuesday’s post we told you that with a magical code you could get 35% off your ModCloth order. Turns out, that isn’t exactly true. But it’s not totally false either.

See, here’s the thing. Only the Daffodil Centerpiece Dress featured in the December issue of Lucky is 35% off…our bad.

But maybe you’ll love that dress! Maybe it’s the only one you would have ordered anyway! Take a gander:

It’s nice, yes?

So…yeah. Sorry about that. If it’s any consolation, we were pretty upset to figure this fact out when we went to put our order through today which included 6 dresses and 2 pairs of tights. Let’s call that punishment enough, shall we?


Thanks to genius reader Crystal who helped us understand what’s really going on here. Read her comment below for the full explanation. If you’re willing to do a little legwork, you can get the 35% off!

Update again…

Turns out Crystal was just lucky. We tried out her strategy and got this result:

Retraction retracted.


One thought on “Uh…This Is Awkward.

  1. This is not true – you were right about the 35% off … sort of. I ordered a dress just the other day (after receiving Ashley’s expert advice on which dress to choose)… anyways right now (or maybe always) there is a free shipping promotion going on. So I proceeded to checkout and tried to enter said coupon code “lucky2″…. it was not recognized…. imagine my disappointment… well I decided to use the chat with customer service function and explained my situation to one of the customer service representatives. She explained that you cannot combine two offers at once and free shipping counts as a special offer… initially I was pretty disappointed, but then! the customer service rep told me to go ahead and process my order and then give her my order number. She said she would be more than happy to refund my credit card for the 35% off. I did just that and now there is a dress headed my way that I not only purchased for 35% off, but also received free shipping: Happy = Understatement : ) She was also nice enough to send me an email confirmation of the refunded amount.

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