Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

In Tuesday’s post  we told you about the 35% off code for ModCloth that runs through the end of the year. Then we retracted it. Then we retracted our retraction. Then we retracted the retracted retraction. Whoopsies.

As annoying as that must have been to all of you, we came out of the situation pretty bummed ourselves. You see, we had $390 in our shopping basket waiting for a 35% off discount to be applied. By alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Even so, we figured after all the work we did combing through the site to pick out just the right pieces. we may as well share what we would have purchased, so here they are.

This N’at Dress


Everyday Birthday Dress

Burnt Sienna Sweetheart Dress

Coral Gables Dress

Tights for Every Occasion in Light Grey and Dark Grey

And of course, the dress we featured in our  Zooey D. post made it into our basket. In fact, we were both going to buy. It all goes back to the  friendship rule of “what’s mine is yours.”


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