Turning Dreams Into Reality And Those Boots Into Mine

Sigh. As most of my peers are excitedly talking weekend plans and easing their way into an ‘early’ happy hour, here I find myself not-so-secretly sulking. I am in a conundrum. And over what you ask? Rain boots of all things.

It all started when I stumbled across this fantastic website – www.joules.com. As I was happily perusing through all the ‘available’ items, I found a pair of wellies (British speak for rain boots) that were without a doubt put on this earth to be mine. Navy with golden bows tied to the back.  I didn’t even need to think for more than a nano – yes, please do add to my cart! Oops. First I need to pick a size. I was so excited, I got a little ahead of myself. Let me see….do they have a size 7? Uh, hold up…I’m confused. These sizes don’t look right & what is this squiggle line in the place of where the dollar sign should be? Oh dear Lord don’t say it’s so – this is a UK website (insert panic words here).

Get a hold of yourself. There must be a sister site. Turns out, there is – yay! As I go on the hunt, it doesn’t take me long to realize these boots are not. an. option. for those of us dwelling in the US of A. Pardon muah??!

Okay, Plan B. I go back to the UK site because I think they must ship to the United States. The result? They don’t.

Then, when I thought all hope had drained from my soul – Plan C. Luck is me, I remember my aunt is married to a very debonair British man (hi Uncle Clive!). Surely, his family would happily order the boots for me. And then would happily forward them along to Minneapolis. And I’m also sure they would happily add a bag of Smarties (European version of M&M’s) into the bag, along with a love note of course. Now I just have to turn on the charm & once the convincing stage is complete, I’ll have the cutest pair of rain boots this side of Britain. I’m sure Miss Middleton would approve.

Farfetched? Maybe, but that’s the way I roll. I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, take a look at the boots of the hour:




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