Je T’aime Berets

Winter is drawing ever near and here in MN it’s almost time to break out the hats, gloves and scarves to maintain a normal body temperature while outside. One of our favorite pieces to keep us warm is the beret. Not just for those who are within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, berets are plentiful in color and  style.

With the winter season clocking in at approximately 5 months out of the year, it’s important to have a varied accessories wardrobe and Forever 21 is a great place for winter accessories. They have a wide selection of berets with most falling between $5 and $8, which means you can buy one for each day of the week! Here are a couple of our favorites.

Knitted beret with bow: $6.80

You know how we love bows.

Feathered beret: $8.80

Subtle (to us), but full of personality.

Pointelle beret: $5.80

Gorgeous color in a lighter knit that’s perfect for not-quite-freezing days.

Knitted beret: $5.50

A simple classic in teal is versatile and works with a wide range of coat colors.


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