2011 Halloween Costumes: Success

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope your costumes have come together fabulously and even more important: tastefully. Earlier we shared a post on how us ladies need not sacrifice our self-dignity in order to rock it out this Halloween. Today we want to share with you our 2011 costumes to prove that such a thing is possible (huzzah!).


The potential for the duo costume is endless – so many hilarious possibilities! This year, Michelle and I were inspired by the classic heart best friend necklace. Think back to 4th grade. Those things were a big deal.  Who would be the golden recipient of the other half to your heart? There was certainly no room for regret in such serious matters.

We made this with a few simple steps using basics such as felt, stencils  & some glue. Here are instructions on how to make yourself a BFF necklace costume:

  • Make a pattern out of paper draw a broken line down middle of heart. Cut it out. 2 yards of red polar fleece for each half of the heart. Place half of the paper pattern on the fold of the fleece cut out. Trace letters onto polar fleece. Cut out & paste on. Place stiff batting inside each half of the heart (to help it from being flimsy). Glue it together. Secure with ribbon.

And poof, you’ve got yourself a life-size BFF necklace. Now go show your love off for each other to the world.


This year I decided to celebrate Halloween by dressing as my most recent favorite internet meme, Chemistry Cat. Who doesn’t love a furry cat in a bow tie that tells nerdy, punning chemistry jokes? Here’s an example:

If you think this is hilarious, you’re my kind of people.

To pull the costume together, I turned to the trustiest sources on the internet to find basically anything at a reasonable price: Etsy and Amazon. I found amazing cat ears on Etsy, as well as a mini-chalk board so people could see my calculation of “Milk = mouse/cheese.” To really make it authentic, I bought a 250ml graduated beaker from Amazon. Then I borrowed a real bow tie (no clip-ons for this girl), watched a few different YouTube videos, and mastered tying it all by myself. The result:

Note: those are whiskers on my face, not a mustache. Also, I have a pink cat nose. It’s not typically that shiny/red.

So there you have it: we’d call this Halloween pretty successful. Did you do a great job coming up with a winning costume that still left you decently covered? We’d love to see! Send them to us at lovesthatblog@gmail.com and we may post them on lovesthat. 


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