Jean Jackets: Not Just For The ’90s

If you haven’t already, it is time to dust off your jean jacket and bring it back to the light of day. Or, if you’re like us – you never put it away. Seriously guys, jean jackets don’t HAVE to scream 1990. We think they couldn’t be edgier and much like the classic pearl, are highly underappreciated. Denim jackets are the perfect pairing for any outfit you want to give a more casual vibe, or if you simply need a little something to keep you warm.  It’s obvious we love the look and so are always a bit surprised when our peers aren’t fully on-board quite yet. Without fail, we are bound to hear one of two reactions:

1) Oh, I love this jacket – where did you get it? I need one. (Hooray! Let us come shopping with you!)

2) I didn’t know jean jackets were back in.  (Cringe.)

 Hearing the latter of the two reactions kind of breaks out hearts, not because our feelings are hurt – but because we love the J.J. so much we want others to experience the greatness of this denim gem.  Can the likes of Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian be wrong at the same time? Other fans include Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Richie. Ergo, we think not.  


That’s not to say there isn’t room to mess it up, so maybe don’t wear that jean jacket that actually is from 1985 and branded with Arizona Jean Co all over it.  Be careful if you are looking to work denim-on-denim. Done wrong, you’ll look like you should be joining the set of Country Strong. Our suggestion is to work with two different shades of jean – try a darker pant base, mixed with a lighter jacket. Break-up the outfit with a brown belt and some killer platforms. Combining the right accessories can make the denim & denim marriage a definite do. If you don’t have a jean jacket in your current wardrobe, don’t fret. We recommend checking out staple stores such as Gap, H&M or even Eddie Bauer.

All we ask is that you don’t buy a jean jacket just to have one – there are plenty of not so great ones out there. Wait until the perfect jacket finds you and you’ll rock this look like you wouldn’t believe.


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