Style Steal: The Best $25 Sweater Ever.

We’re big fans of H&M. Sure, the store can be a bit overwhelming considering they carry approximately 2 million items (our estimate). But if you take a little time and have some patience while waiting for a fitting room, you can find some real gems ranging from fun party dresses to inexpensive yet fairly good quality work basics.

One of my all time favorite items is a chunky knit turtleneck that H&M carries perennially with minor changes each year. I’ve bought it three years in a row – first in gray, then powder pink, and this year in black. It’s the perfect length (hitting below the hips), has a great fit (comfortable without being baggy), comes in a nice range of colors, and best of all is $25. I live in mine all fall and winter. Here’s the one I bought this year:

I know the quality of H&M clothing is sometimes (often) questioned, but I’m behind them. Like I said, I’ve had the gray version of this sweater for three years (and wear it all the time) and it’s still in great shape. So get out there and get your own. I promise you’ll love it as much as I do. And if you don’t, you can send it to me.



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