Friendship Rule #1: What’s Mine Is Yours

One day while Maureen was out shopping, she overheard a couple girls in the dressing room next door. “I really like this one” said one of the girls. “Well you can’t buy it because I’m getting it” said the other. “I like it a lot though. I want to get it” replied the first girl. Girl #2’s answer? “No, you can’t. I’m getting it. You can’t buy the same thing. That’s so strange.”

It took a lot for Maureen not to jump in and tell Girl #2 she was being a ridiculous, selfish brat. (Side note: in the end it was a good thing she didn’t because she probably would have gotten arrested for hitting a child. After it had been decided Girl #1 couldn’t buy whatever it was she loved, Girl #2 came back and told Girl #1 she needed to call her mom to pick them up. Don’t ask why Maureen was shopping in the same store as girls who aren’t old enough to drive. In her defense, they didn’t belong there.) Ashley was equally appalled when she heard the story. We’re all about buying the same thing if we both like it. After all, part of the reason we’re friends is because we have similar tastes.

Which brings us to our fun discovery this morning at work:

Yep, they’re all wearing the same boots. Did you say you want these boots too? Okay! They’re Steve Madden Intyce which we featured in our post on business casual attire. Ashley and Nellie have them in black and brown. You’ll love them, we promise.

The moral of this story? It doesn’t matter if all of your friends own the same boots, purse or sweater as you. Be confident and comfortable with yourself and your personal style (and personality) will shine through.


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