Happy Birthday, Maureen!

Gush alert. Today I celebrate the birth of one of my very best friends. She’s wicked fabulous, ever stylish and simply – one of the best people I know.  We like the same things, laugh at the same jokes and roll our eyes at the same time (think Romy & Michele). I’m not sure what I would do without her. And it’s not that I am not always thankful for this friendship, but isn’t there something about a birthday that makes you reflect & think about how lucky you are to have such wonderful people in you life? Whether you are celebrating your day or that of someone very close to you – the day always has a little glow to it. Because the world is different because of them. Your world is different because of them.

Which got me to thinking. . . why not celebrate each day as if it your birthday, a friend’s birthday or even your dog’s birthday? Every day is special. Each day is unique. Treat it as if you’ll never get to be in that very moment ever again.



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