Pretty Please, Can We Get A Henri Bendel’s In MN?

Sure, there’s a little thing called “the internet” that allows you to shop nearly every major chain around the globe. But let’s face it – there’s nothing like a little brick-and-mortar shopping. The camaraderie of shopping with girlfriends, getting opinions in the dressing room (“does my butt look okay in this?”), the growing fatigue in your arms as they become loaded down a little more with each stop into a new store…it’s a wonderful feeling.

We’ve mentioned before we’re really New Yorkers at heart and that’s not just in small part due to the amazing shopping available around every corner. As Minnesotans, we have the Mall Of America (or as Ashley likes to call it, the B.P.O.E. or “Best Place On Earth”). Even so, the MOA doesn’t have everything. Here are our suggestions for some other stores we’d like to see in MN (and soon).

Henri Bendel for its amazing accessories (especially headbands).

Mulberry – do we need a reason?

Zara – a Spanish-based chain featuring clothing and accessories for men, women and children (oh my!). It’s always one of our first stops anytime we’re in Chicago, NYC or any other city fortunate enough to have a Zara.

Mango – interestingly enough another Spanish-based chain. In addition to great clothes, we also really like their bags.

Topshop is a British staple shopped by many a celeb.

Uniqlo – sort of the Japanese H&M. It’s best for basics and staples.

What did we miss? Tell us.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Please, Can We Get A Henri Bendel’s In MN?

  1. I wasted a good hour today looking at the Henri Bendel site. I really think we should start a petition to get one here, though I’m not sure my AmEx can handle that.

    Cashmere. T-shirt. Wow.

  2. There’s MNG by mango for jcpenny now. You can add Topshop to your list for when in Chicago, and while you’re at it go to Aritzia and Madewell too. =)

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