Tis’ The Season – The Time For Tights

We are so loving fall. And it’s not just the change of the weather we are going half-crazy for, it’s the fact that it’s once again time to wear our favorite accessory : tights. We are obsessed and frankly, we’re not sure what we will do if they ever (ever) become taboo. There’s just no way we could turn back now.

Why? Well, their versatility is unrivaled. And what girl doesn’t love options? They can change-up the look of any outfit, add instant depth and make an otherwise simple outfit suddenly look more interesting. There are literally endless styles & types available that are sure to appeal to every personality.  Luckily, this season’s trend for tights (and leggings) is ultra-girly, with fabrics such as silk, lace and even crochet in the spot light. Have fun with the all the stellar patterns available – they are bound to suit nearly any occasion.  And it’s okay if you want to stick with the more neutral tones – just be sure to choose warm, fall colors such a nice burgandy. Switch to a heavier fabric as the snow begins to hit the ground, your legs will thank you.

If you’re really brave, you could even try an animal pattern. We mean – really brave.

Here are a few of our favorites. Check them all out at Nordstorm.


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