These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Who doesn’t love being able to share the things they love, with the people they love? Last night the ladies of our department had a little gathering in the form of a “Favorite Things” party. The rules are as follows:

1. Everyone selects an item they love that costs $6 or under and brings 5 of that same item.

2. Everyone puts their name into a receptacle for drawing (a hat, a box, whatever) 5 times.

3. Each person takes turns drawing names for the 5 people who will receive their favorite thing. They then present what the item is and explain what they love about it.

That’s it! You bring 5 items of your choice, and leave with 5 items of other people’s choosing. You also have a little nibble and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine (or four) while doing so.

It turns out to be a ridiculously good time – especially when your friends give their best Oprah impression when dispersing the gifts.  Ahem, we recommend.

We had the girls tell us a little about their finds:

Meet Rachel: “Sangria! I love red wine. And nothing beats a cold, delicious sangria in summer. With fall/winter rolling upon us I’ll switch back to regular red vino, but drink up for now ladies!”

Meet Stephanie: “All three of my sisters have these beautiful Kardashian type eyelashes. I have the shortest of them all. But with Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara I can actually compete with them. It dramatically helps your eyelashes pop, stays on forever and doesn’t even smudge. GET ON IT.”

Meet Nellie: “Nothing turns a gathering into a party better than glow sticks.”

Meet Megan: “Strawberry Margarita OPI nail polish is my all. time. favorite. because it’s the perfect shade of pink. Perfect shade. Not to mention the name. I once had myself a “moment” when it dropped out of my purse and shattered on the floor. I wasn’t worried about the stain, but the polish itself. I finally found it again at Ulta and life makes sense again.  True Love.”

Meet Joela: “I love the Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes! They really are one of my favorite things, especially when I’m traveling or am just too lazy to wash my face before bed. They cleanse and remove makeup without drying out my skin. Plus, antioxidants = anti-aging. I realize Asians are known to age gracefully. But once we start going downhill, we plummet.”

Meet Ashley: “Gold is classy, never trashy. And gold bangles? Hello jackpot.”

Meet Maureen: “Tresemme’s dry shampoo is perfect when you need to refresh your look without a lot of time. It’s a miracle in a can.”

Meet Taylor: “I love anything lavender. A little dab of this on the wrists melts away all the stress of the day. All of it.”


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