“Street” Style Report: Hipster-Prep

Ah, the magic of technology. We found the subject of today’s Street Style Report not on the streets or even within the walls of our office, but on Facebook.

Our favorite bald guy Chris posted a pic this morning and we enjoyed his outfit so much we decided it needed to go on lovesthat. One of his friends commented that the look is “very hipster-prep” and we couldn’t agree more.

Note: he didn’t post this actual pic on FB. We got this one by special request.

Chris’ glasses are a recent purchase and he’s gotten some mixed reviews, but if you’ve read our post Nerdy Is The New Black you’ve probably already guessed that we’re on board. Round frames can be especially challenging and not always well-received as Chris has experienced, but if you have the personality to pull it off, then we say by all means. We’d expect nothing less from Chris. Glasses, consider yourselves rocked.

But enough with the glasses. We’re also loving the polished-meets-cozy sweater/shirt/tie combo that is fall layering at its finest. We may be biased because we’re big fans of plaid, but we’re giving this  ensemble a 10.

The look:

Sweater: Andrew Buckler
Glasses: Max Cole
Shirt: Banana Republic
Tie: The Tie Bar
Bracelet: Burkman Brothers


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