Nerdy Is The New Black

Gone are the days of wearing your old, outdated backup glasses only when you lose a contact down the sink. Today people everywhere are celebrating glasses and treating them as an accessory rather than a nuisance, and to this we say “huzzah!”

Horn-rimmed glasses are having a major moment in Hollywood, and we can see why. Somehow slipping on big, slightly retro tortoise frames like those of Jen2 and our girl Zooey gives an instantly polished, geeky-chic vibe which we love.

Of course, horn rims are hardly the only style to be had. Thick or thin, plastic or metal, and no matter what the shape, there’s a style out there for everyone (everyone requiring corrective eye wear, that is).

So the next time you have to get new glasses, don’t think of it as a money suck or something you have to do. Instead, enjoy it like you would shopping for a new hand bag or shoes. Take time, try things on, and find something that makes you feel good.

And remember – there’s no need to stick to a basic black, brown or tortoise frame. After all, glasses are the ultimate accessory and act as an extension of your personality. If  eyes are the window to the soul, make you sure you have the perfect treatment.


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