Santa Barbara, Take Two

Friday wasn’t the end of my shopping excursion in Santa Barbara. The next day I got to explore a bit more of the area, including visiting some shops in Montecito where I was afraid to touch anything (hello, $2K blazer by The Row!).

The first stop was Lily, a little boutique that sells beautiful housewares, clothing and jewelry. I walked in as the woman working there was polishing an $1,800 mother of pearl serving tray. I was a bit intimated, but decided to take a look around. I soon found myself in front of the jewelry cabinet where there was a dazzling selection of gemstone pieces by Vasant Designs.

I was immediately drawn to a statement ring featuring a large oval smokey quartz in a 24kt gold vermeil bezel setting and split sterling silver band. That’s quite a description, I know. It’s the same design as the ring below, but with the stone from the earrings.

I tried it on and loved it, but couldn’t quite justify it to myself so I decided to take a walk and see if it stuck with me. I soon found myself in Lewis & Clark which sells “antiques and fine things.” Upon entering it felt like a traditional antique store – and then I saw the jewelry cases. Slightly crowded, each one was a small treasure trove filled with beautiful and unique pieces with a vintage feel. I walked out with a few pieces and was thrilled to find out they had just started a website. Here’s a look at just a few of their amazing items.

Chandelier Earrings: $67

Brooch Necklace: $68

Orange Megan Bangles: $22

The site doesn’t have nearly as wide of a selection as the stores yet, but I’m hoping they’ll continue to add more in time for some holiday shopping.

The only down side of Lewis & Clark is that they don’t carry rings, so with the Vasant smokey quartz stunner invading my every thought, I decided to head back to Lily and put a ring on it. And we lived happily ever after.



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