We Love You, Zooey D.

Today our love for both advertising and fashion come face-to-face. Fox  meet Zooey Deschanel. Zooey, meet Fox. As you might guess, I’m talking about tonight’s premiere of fall’s newest hit: New Girl. And we could simply not be more smitten. This show will soon be on our DVR of favorites and not to mention there is no such thing as too much Zooey.

I am simply head-over-heels for her early ‘60s mod style – feminine, quirky, cool & classic. This girl is almost always rocking a dress, skirt or the most adorable blouse you’ve ever seen. These can often be seen with accents of bows, floral or lace to amplify her uber-girly style.

Her combinations are often risky & unexpected, but always executed flawlessly. To recreate this look, simply find yourself an a-line dress, cinch it with a belt and you’re soon on the right track. Please don’t forget tights if it’s cold. And break out those ballet flats too.

Voila.  Adorable, no?

Our go-to site for a good Zooey look is www.modcloth.com, where we found this sophisticated gem:

We encourage you to find your inner-Zooey and dress for yourself – not anybody else. Because really, we don’t all need to be Megan Fox. You’ll stand out far more by just being you.

And guys? She’s a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Kindred spirits.



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