Dear Diary, I Love Santa Barbara

This morning I found myself with a bit of downtime while in Santa Barbara for work. In my opinion, the best way to get to know a city is to walk and shop so that’s exactly what I did. I headed over to State Street, downtown Santa Barbara’s main drag, and started window shopping to my heart’s content.

Of course, I made my way into a few places that caught my eye as well. First up was Gossip, which reminded me of a cross between a higher-quality Forever 21 and H&M with its reasonable prices and trendy selection. I walked out with a lightweight cardi in orange with navy trim, an amazingly airy yet voluminous scarf in mustard, and a kick ass bracelet. Here’s a picture that doesn’t do any of the items justice.

Next up was Lovebird boutique and jewelry bar. I had walked by earlier but they didn’t open until 11 so I made sure to circle back. The shop had a large selection of unique, beautiful jewelry that I was told is designed by the boutique owner. I had my eye on a couple of rings but unfortunately none of them fit quite the way I would have liked. There’s a happy ending to this story though, as I found a thin, super-soft sweater in camel with thin black stripes that will be perfect for fall layering. Also, the gal working there was as nice as can be, which can sometimes be hard to find in a boutique setting.

I also made my way into Dear Diary, which caught my eye mainly because of its cute sign.

Once inside I noticed it was quite a large store with a good selection of trendy clothing and accessories that reminded me of a lower-priced Anthropologie. I didn’t get anything for myself there, but did find a little souvenir which I can’t share here quite yet (it’s a surprise!).

That was the extent of my purchases for the morning, but that’s not to say there weren’t plenty of other shops that I would be happy to venture back into another day.

Santa Barbara, I think I might love you.



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